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Mix Pricing Update – July 2024

With school out and the summer heat upon us, we are seeing lots…

The Chaos with Cocoa

You might have caught wind of discussions surrounding the cocoa…

Mix Pricing Update – March 2024

After a couple of very welcomed decreases in mix prices, it looks…

February 2024 Pricing Update

After a pricing decrease in January, mix prices continue to drop…

Meadowvale President Steve Steinwart Retires: A Chapter Closes, a Legacy Remains

After an incredible 36-year journey with dairy mix manufacturer Meadowvale, President Steve Steinwart is bidding farewell as he embarks on a well-deserved retirement.

November 2023 Price Update

Butter has taken off like a rocket over the past few weeks, shattering…

September 2023 Pricing / Ingredient Update

Unfortunately, Butterfat prices shot up more than expected this…

January 2023 Pricing Update

Butterfat prices have lowered for January 2023, but sugar costs have steadily increased as we head into the new year.

April/May 2022 Update

Bird flu is wreaking havoc across the country, creating a dramatic increase in egg prices. Other dairy ingredients continue to nudge higher.

February 2022 Update

Dairy ingredient prices rise to unprecedented levels.