Dairy Free Dessert Mix

Introducing Coconut Cream, a premium dairy-free dessert mix that performs like an ice cream mix.

  • Dairy Free Coconut Cream Mix

    A clean label, premium dairy free dessert mix that scoops like hard-pack ice cream.

Dairy Free Dessert Mix

Our Dairy Free Dessert Mix is a first of its kind – it scoops creamy and smooth just like premium ice cream. We are proud to offer a dairy-free product that we know our partners have wanted for a long time. Made with just 6 quality ingredients, our Dairy Free mix is a breakthrough in the world of non-dairy desserts. The flavor opportunities are endless with this liquid dessert base, try it for yourself to see what great flavors you can make for your business. Explore the possibilities!

Ingredients: Coconut Cream (Coconut Extract, Water), Sugar, Water, Tapioca Syrup Solids, 2% or less of Locust Bean Gum, Sea Salt.

Best used in a batch freezer. One box contains 2/2.5 gallon bags of liquid dairy-free dessert base. 

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Contact us below or email Eddie directly at ecajina@meadowvale-inc.com.

“We have been using Meadowvale and its AMAZING! Highly recommend it! It’s coconut based and delicious. The texture is perfect and our customers are beyond excited about our dairy free flavors.”

“Truly the best dairy-free mix we have ever had!”

“People can’t believe my new dairy free nice creams are really dairy free! I can’t thaw it quick enough! Thank you Meadowvale for keeping me the best of the best!”

Explore the Possibilities

With 23 new flavor recipes developed for Meadowvale’s Dairy Free Coconut Cream by our good friends at Green Mountain Flavors.

Featuring lemon poppyseed, aztec chocolate, coffee, german chocolate, strawberry, and more! Contact us or Green Mountain to learn more about these flavors and obtain the recipes.


Meadowvale: 630-553-0202 or email Eddie at ecajina@meadowvale-inc.com

Green Mountain Flavors: 630-554-9530 or email Stan at stan@greenmountainflavors.com