Custom Dessert Formulations

Private label ice cream, frozen custard, gelato, and more are available.

Ice Cream Mix


If you have a different vision in mind other than one of our available premium mixes, we do offer custom mix formulations. There is a minimum batch requirement we must meet in order to run these formulas, but we are happy to work with you to produce the perfect recipe. The possibilities are endless in our new state of the art manufacturing plant, and our capabilities go far beyond our offered mixes.

We have produced custom variations of:

  • Ice Cream Mixes
  • Dairy Free Mixes
  • Frozen Custard Mixes
  • Gelato Mixes
  • Soft Serve Mixes
  • Sorbet Mixes

Our Meadowvale team will consult with you throughout the entire process to ensure your custom products and brand will stand out from the rest. Each batch is handcrafted for the highest quality, tested to meet your specifications, and backed by our commitment to excellence. If you’re interested in finding out why Meadowvale is the most trusted manufacturer amongst true ice cream artisans, contact us to learn more.