• Soft Serve Mix

    Nostalgic, timeless, delicious: Meadowvale soft serve is the treat that will leave lasting memories for years to come.

Soft Serve Mix


Nothing says childhood memories like the taste of a soft serve cone or sundae. Unfortunately most manufacturers have cheapened this frozen confection staple to a mere cold and white forgettable treat of convenience. Here at Meadowvale we offer a line of soft-serve bases that are unparalleled. When is the last time you ate a soft-serve cone that can legally qualify as ice cream? Ten percent butterfat and we can even add the egg yolks if you’d like, all in a soft serve mix application. Guaranteed your competitor will not have this stuff to serve!

Available Soft Serve Mixes:

  • 2% vanilla shake mix (2/2.5g)
  • 4% vanilla soft serve (2/2.5g)
  • Premium 5% soft serve (2/2.5g)
  • Chocolate 5% soft serve (2/2.5g)
  • 10% Vanilla soft serve (2/2.5g)
  • 10% Chocolate soft serve (2/2.5g)
  • American Dairy Queen (5g)*
  • Chocolate Dairy Queen (5g)*
  • (*must be a licensed DQ to purchase any DQ mix)