• Soft Serve Mix

    Nostalgic, timeless, delicious: Meadowvale soft serve is the treat that will leave lasting memories for years to come.

Soft Serve Mix


Nothing says childhood memories like the taste of a soft serve cone or sundae. Unfortunately most manufacturers have cheapened this frozen confection staple to a mere cold and white forgettable treat of convenience. Here at Meadowvale we offer a line of soft-serve bases that are unparalleled. When is the last time you ate a soft-serve cone that can legally qualify as ice cream? Ten percent butterfat and we can even add the egg yolks if you’d like, all in a soft serve mix application. Guaranteed your competitor will not have this stuff to serve!

Please note we only sell soft serve mixes for commercial use. We do not currently supply mix for personal use.

Available Soft Serve Mixes:

  • 4% Vanilla Soft Serve (2/2.5g)
  • 5% Premium Vanilla Soft Serve (2/2.5g)
  • 5% Chocolate Soft Serve (2/2.5g)
  • 10% Vanilla soft serve (2/2.5g)
  • 10% Chocolate soft serve (2/2.5g)
  • American Dairy Queen (5g)*
  • Chocolate Dairy Queen (5g)*
  • (*must be a licensed DQ to purchase any DQ mix)