“At a time when businesses are becoming less and less personable, Meadowvale is able to make you feel important and special, as if you are their only priority.”

Linda AndersonJulie Ann’s Frozen Custard

“Meadowvale continues to outperform their competitors by great lengths…Michael’s Frozen Custard has been in business for 24 years. We’ve won numerous awards including “Best of Madison” for 24 years running, “Best of Wisconsin” as well as accolades in the New York Times, Food Network and New York Post. Our partnership for continued success is based on Meadowvale’s quality base product combined with our outstanding recipes and customer-focused service. Michael’s Frozen Custard is uniquely Madison (we’ll never franchise) and we only use of the highest quality ingredients. Thank you Meadowvale for being an important part of our past,  present, and future!”

Michael, Founder and CEOMichael’s Frozen Custard

“Our Dairy Queen is 57 years old and we have been purchasing mix and other products from Meadowvale since they started in business. It’s a family/employee owned company that excels in customer service. 24/7 there is always somebody willing and able to satisfy our needs. They have NEVER let us down!”

Steve HoffmanLombard Dairy Queen, Lombard, IL

“We have been customers of Meadowvale for more than 43 years. The value of this long term relationship is not something that either of us take lightly. The quality of the products are phenomenal as well as customer service that excels all others. My Father started this relationship when he bought our Dairy Queen store in 1967. We have many suppliers for the products that we use in our store, but the high quality of their overall approach to the business has kept us coming back, year after year when we have seen many of our suppliers change.

We do a considerable volume for our small store and I am constantly being told of how good the Dairy Queen tastes. This is no accident. The freshness of the products with the concern for consistency and quality allow me to present my customers with the best product in the industry. I have never dealt with a company more concerned about the value of their product and service as Meadowvale.

It is my hope to continue this relationship with Meadowvale well into the future and pass this tradition on to my children as they take over operations.”

Kevin Welsh, OwnerHomewood Dairy Queen

“Greatest mix ever!”

Andy Kuntz, PresidentAndy’s Frozen CustardWEBSITE

“Quality, Consistent, and Dependable, we love our mix!”

Don Mckinney, PresidentFreckles Frozen CustardWEBSITE

“Meadowvale has always treated us like family. They have gone out of their way to help us out. A good company and a great business to business relationship.”

Tom Zarlengo, OwnerZarlengo’s, Inc.WEBSITE

“I flew to Wisconsin and went to 15 frozen custard shops. I could tell which ones were Meadowvale. They were my favorites.”

Liz Davis, OwnerThe Dairy Godmother

“The service that Meadowvale provides is outstanding! Each member of the team takes personal responsibility to ensure satisfaction, from the owner, to the sales staff, to the office personnel and the delivery drivers. Commitment to excellent service is why we use Meadowvale.”

Bev Thomas and Lisa Callaghan, Owners2 Sisters Frozen Custard