Frozen Custard Mix

Frozen Custard Mix


Of all of the dairy mixes we make, Frozen Custard Mix is perhaps the least understood among consumers. Let’s face it, the word custard is not that appealing. At Meadowvale we combat this challenge by producing a product that exceeds the legal requirements for identification, while setting the benchmark within the industry. The legal standards of identification for frozen custard are simply that the mix contains a minimum of 10% butterfat and 1.4 % egg yolk by weight. There are many fillers that can be added to a mix to reduce its cost, but at what cost to the consumer and therefore the retailer?

“Excellence is a quality rarely practiced, but universally treasured.”

The additional cost for using the best ingredients is minimal, about a nickel or dime per treat. So rather than nickel and dime consumers, we’d rather produce a product that everyone can afford, and then partner with clients that share our vision that some things are just worth the extra pennies.

Available Frozen Custard Mixes:

  • 10% plain custard mix (2/2.5g)
  • Platinum 10% vanilla custard mix (2/2.5g)
  • Leon’s 10% plain custard mix (2/2.5g)*
  • Leon’s 10% choc custard mix (2/2.5g)*
  • 11% vanilla custard mix (2/2.5g)
  • 10% chocolate custard mix (2/2.5g)
  • (*must use a Leon’s machine to purchase Leon’s mix)