Ice Cream Mix

Wholesome, creamy, decadent: our premium ice cream mixes are known for their quality and excellent performance in scoop shops across the United States.

Ice Cream Mix


At Meadowvale we make it our priority to produce the best frozen dessert mixes in the industry. Our liquid ice cream base is made with rBST-free milk, quality ingredients, and batched by the employee-owners of our company. We have been a supplier of fresh dairy mixes for over 50 years.

Our guiding principle is simple. We believe that, “When a product or service can rise to a degree of excellence that it has no equal, a market that has no limit will reward it.”   

Nowhere is this philosophy better practiced than in our award winning Premium and Super Premium commercial ice cream mixes. Check out our wall of fame to see just a few of the clients that qualitatively differentiate themselves by entrusting Meadowvale to produce the best products in the frozen dessert industry. We are the chosen frozen dessert supplier for retailers looking to stand out in the crowd.

Available Ice Cream Mixes:

  • 10% Ice Cream Mix (2/2.5 gal)*
  • 12% Ice Cream Mix (2/2.5 gal)*
  • 14% Ice Cream Mix (2/2.5 gal)
  • 16% Clean Label Ice Cream Mix (2/2.5 gal)*
  • 18% Ice Cream Mix (2/2.5 gal)

*Product has a minimum order requirement. Please contact us to learn more.